Cover design project update

I have had some entries through for this project:


And they are looking fantastic. I have discussed things with the other writers involved and we have decided a couple of things.

1) We are going to up the payment from 'a pint' to a an 'indeterminate amount collected from all writers involved'. Essentially, we are having a whip round to collect enough money to pay who ever has the successful design.

2) We are now setting a deadline. The end of this month (June). At that point we will pick and notify a winner so if you have not sent in your entry by then it will not be considered.

I have to say that I am impressed by the entries we have so far. Hopefully, once a winner is announced, I will be able to share the winning image...

Cover design Project Brief

A couple of days ago I posted on facebook asking for any graphic designers who might fancy doing some book cover design work. I got a few responses and realised that I could not just pick one person to do the project as that would be unfair on all the others. So, I decided I would post the brief of the project publically and let any and all designers who want to have a go submit their designs. Somewhere along the line, I'd find someone to be an independent judge who has some knowledge in this area and make a decision based on what they tell me.

In other words, a contest...

Collapse )

So, the story needs a cover. However, because it is not a book that is going to be sold, we cannot afford to pay someone to design it for us. If we could, we would love to pay professional rates but we can't do that at present. However, the cover used will be seen by people including the publishers and while I cannot promise this will lead to anything, I am sure a well done cover will likely lead to them possibly considering you for any future paid work.

Full credit will be given, which makes it a very viable portfolio piece, and since at least one person has offered to do the job 'for the price of a pint' I am prepared to offer at least that much. Whether this will be me actually buying you a drink in person somewhere sometime in the future or Pay-Palling you the money to buy your own depends on where you live... For the purposes of clarity, I am going to say that the price of a pint is £3 :)

So, here are some details of the story:

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I am not sure what sort of time frame is appropriate for this type of task. Therefore, I am not setting a deadline as yet. At present I am merely offering up the details of what I want and letting all interested parties think about it and let me know if they are seriously interested and how long they think they might need to complete this.

dalascelles-writing@yahoo.co.uk is the e-mail to use to contact me about this. Use it if you have any questions, want to pitch ideas or anything. I have not posted the full synopsis here as, obviously, this will contain spoilers. However, if you want to see the full synopsis for ideas then I can e-mail it to you.

So, I look forward to seeing what you all come up with...

Book give away...

A while back I posted about a big box of books (and some DVDs) that we were wanting to get rid of. Here is the list.

If you want an item, let me know and I will hold it for you. You can then either come to collect in person or arrange for delivery through the LRP delivery network. I am at Victoriana this weekend and will be at Odyssey later in the year. I am also at the M&M player event in November. For Maelstrom, LT or CP delivery you will have to find an appropriate courier who lives in the NW and is willing to collect on your behalf and deliver.

Academic books have a date on them to let you decide how current they are and if they are appropriate for your needs

Irvine RE, Bagnall MK, Smith BJ (1968) reprinted 1983
The Older Patient – a textbook of geriatrics (3rd ed)

Hoffbrand AV, Brain MC, Hirsh J (1977)
Recent Advanced in Haemotology (2)

Pederson J (1977)
The Pregnant Diabetic and her Newborn: problems and management (2nd ed)

Glick et al (1976)
Psychiatric Emergencies

Trapp JB (1973)
Medieval English Literature

Sharon Penman – Here be Dragons
Sharon Penman – The Sun in Splendour

Russell C (1990)
The Causes of the English Civil War

Mayer HE (1988 – translation by Gillingham J)
The Crusades

Wrightson K (1993)
English Society 1580 – 1680

Coward B (1988)
Social change and continuity in Early Modern England 1550 – 1750

Bloch I (1938) reprint 1996
Sexual Life in England: past and present

Priest MA (1960) reprinted 1972
Modern textbook of personal and communal health for nurses (4th ed)

Guerber HA (1994)
Middle Ages: Myths and Legends

Guerber HA (1994)
The Norsemen: Myths and Legends

Hancock PA (2009)
Richard III and the murder in the Tower

Piper PJ (1981)
SRS and Leukotrienes

Porter R (1982) reprinted 1990
English society in the eighteenth century

Gregory of Tours
The History of the Franks (Penguin Classics edition)

The Writer’s Handbook (1990 edition)

David Eddings – The Belgariad series (all five books – 1989 paperback ed)

David Eddings – The Diamond Throne
Sheri S Tepper – Raising the Stones

Sheri S Tepper – The Awakeners (North shore and South shore)

Sheri S Tepper – The Visitor

Sheri S Tepper – The gate to women’s country

Sheri S Tepper – Six moon dance

Terry Brooks – The Talismans of Shannara (book 4 of The Heritage of Shannara)

Kevin J Anderson – Climbing Olympus

Sean McMullen – The Centurion’s empire

Jane Yolen – Cards of grief

Jane Yolen – Sister Light Sister Dark

Janice Brown – A dangerous place

Raymond E Feist – Rise of a Merchant Prince

Stephen Baxter – Behemoth

Greg Bear – Quantico

Greg Bear – Darwin’s radio

Patricia Anthony – Happy Policeman

Poul Anderson – The stars are also fire

Barbara Erskine – Child of the Phoenix

Neal Asher – The Gabble and other stories

Fidelis Morgan – Unnatural Fire


Little Shop of Horrors (Roger Corman version)

Indiana jones box set (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade)

Red Dwarf series III and V

Woodland shoot - confirmed details

You may remember I posted this:


The plan was to organise a photoshoot in a woodland for fantasy scenes. Well, after a bit of wrangling and discussion, we finally have some more or less confirmed details...

Date: weekend of the 2nd - 3rd of June.

What has been discussed is that we will do several shoots over a number of sessions, using only a handful of models each time (2-3 at most). Some of these shoots will be in Prestwich Clough woods (http://www.flickr.com/photos/10792991@N02/sets/72157629933182785/ for photos of this location) while others will be in a studio in Dewsbury. We have studio space booked for both days of the weekend of the 2nd of June but may not use both days.

So, what we need from you lot is this:

- two to three volunteers to be photographed in a variety of silly costumes and able to be in the North West on that weekend. Those who are interested, get in touch. I'll select the ones we can make the best use of that weekend. The rest (and those who cannot make that weekend) don't worry - we will likely organise another shoot sometime soon. As I said in the previous post, we are looking for models who can pull off different races effectively.

- A make up artist. Someone with experience of doing make up for LRP, especially pulling off impressive racial characteristics and making them look convincing.

- Props and weapons and costume. We could do with some real weapons to use since LRP weapons won't cut it as looking real enough on the camera. Props and costumewise, we may have a specific list once we know what models we have and when and therefore what we are going to shoot but if anyone out there wants to tell us what they can provide in advance it would be appreciated...

So, any interest? Any questions? Feel free to contact me - either a comment here or on FB or a PM on facebook or an e-mail (if you know my e-mail...)