areteus (areteus) wrote,

Woodland shoot - confirmed details

You may remember I posted this:

The plan was to organise a photoshoot in a woodland for fantasy scenes. Well, after a bit of wrangling and discussion, we finally have some more or less confirmed details...

Date: weekend of the 2nd - 3rd of June.

What has been discussed is that we will do several shoots over a number of sessions, using only a handful of models each time (2-3 at most). Some of these shoots will be in Prestwich Clough woods ( for photos of this location) while others will be in a studio in Dewsbury. We have studio space booked for both days of the weekend of the 2nd of June but may not use both days.

So, what we need from you lot is this:

- two to three volunteers to be photographed in a variety of silly costumes and able to be in the North West on that weekend. Those who are interested, get in touch. I'll select the ones we can make the best use of that weekend. The rest (and those who cannot make that weekend) don't worry - we will likely organise another shoot sometime soon. As I said in the previous post, we are looking for models who can pull off different races effectively.

- A make up artist. Someone with experience of doing make up for LRP, especially pulling off impressive racial characteristics and making them look convincing.

- Props and weapons and costume. We could do with some real weapons to use since LRP weapons won't cut it as looking real enough on the camera. Props and costumewise, we may have a specific list once we know what models we have and when and therefore what we are going to shoot but if anyone out there wants to tell us what they can provide in advance it would be appreciated...

So, any interest? Any questions? Feel free to contact me - either a comment here or on FB or a PM on facebook or an e-mail (if you know my e-mail...)

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