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Book give away...

A while back I posted about a big box of books (and some DVDs) that we were wanting to get rid of. Here is the list.

If you want an item, let me know and I will hold it for you. You can then either come to collect in person or arrange for delivery through the LRP delivery network. I am at Victoriana this weekend and will be at Odyssey later in the year. I am also at the M&M player event in November. For Maelstrom, LT or CP delivery you will have to find an appropriate courier who lives in the NW and is willing to collect on your behalf and deliver.

Academic books have a date on them to let you decide how current they are and if they are appropriate for your needs

Irvine RE, Bagnall MK, Smith BJ (1968) reprinted 1983
The Older Patient – a textbook of geriatrics (3rd ed)

Hoffbrand AV, Brain MC, Hirsh J (1977)
Recent Advanced in Haemotology (2)

Pederson J (1977)
The Pregnant Diabetic and her Newborn: problems and management (2nd ed)

Glick et al (1976)
Psychiatric Emergencies

Trapp JB (1973)
Medieval English Literature

Sharon Penman – Here be Dragons
Sharon Penman – The Sun in Splendour

Russell C (1990)
The Causes of the English Civil War

Mayer HE (1988 – translation by Gillingham J)
The Crusades

Wrightson K (1993)
English Society 1580 – 1680

Coward B (1988)
Social change and continuity in Early Modern England 1550 – 1750

Bloch I (1938) reprint 1996
Sexual Life in England: past and present

Priest MA (1960) reprinted 1972
Modern textbook of personal and communal health for nurses (4th ed)

Guerber HA (1994)
Middle Ages: Myths and Legends

Guerber HA (1994)
The Norsemen: Myths and Legends

Hancock PA (2009)
Richard III and the murder in the Tower

Piper PJ (1981)
SRS and Leukotrienes

Porter R (1982) reprinted 1990
English society in the eighteenth century

Gregory of Tours
The History of the Franks (Penguin Classics edition)

The Writer’s Handbook (1990 edition)

David Eddings – The Belgariad series (all five books – 1989 paperback ed)

David Eddings – The Diamond Throne
Sheri S Tepper – Raising the Stones

Sheri S Tepper – The Awakeners (North shore and South shore)

Sheri S Tepper – The Visitor

Sheri S Tepper – The gate to women’s country

Sheri S Tepper – Six moon dance

Terry Brooks – The Talismans of Shannara (book 4 of The Heritage of Shannara)

Kevin J Anderson – Climbing Olympus

Sean McMullen – The Centurion’s empire

Jane Yolen – Cards of grief

Jane Yolen – Sister Light Sister Dark

Janice Brown – A dangerous place

Raymond E Feist – Rise of a Merchant Prince

Stephen Baxter – Behemoth

Greg Bear – Quantico

Greg Bear – Darwin’s radio

Patricia Anthony – Happy Policeman

Poul Anderson – The stars are also fire

Barbara Erskine – Child of the Phoenix

Neal Asher – The Gabble and other stories

Fidelis Morgan – Unnatural Fire


Little Shop of Horrors (Roger Corman version)

Indiana jones box set (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade)

Red Dwarf series III and V

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